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Transform your living space with Danby's brilliant and inspired appliances, crafted to seamlessly fit your lifestyle and elevate your home experience.

Danby: Innovating Your Home, Evolving with You

Danby was founded over 75 years ago with a modest ambition: to develop truly innovative appliances that provide substantial features for small-space living. Like you, Danby has adapted to the changing times, continuously enhancing the functionality and innovative features of our products. As a result, Danby appliances not only boast an appealing design but are also built to deliver exceptional performance.


Built To Last

When considering purchasing a Danby appliance, you can feel confident in your decision. Danby prioritizes delivering reliable and durable products at affordable prices, adhering to three guiding principles: smart design, smart craftsmanship, and smart pricing. Making the choice to invest in a Danby appliance is a wise decision that aligns with your values.

Setting the Standard for Peace of Mind

To ensure Danby owners are taken care of, Danby proudly offers the industry’s longest warranty and extended warranty options. Danby's products include standard 12 month, 18 month and 24 month warranties that include parts, labour and in-home service. Danby is here to keep you moving forward.

Wallet Friendly Pricing

Beautifully crafted appliances at a price you can feel good about. If your wallet could talk, it would say Smart move!